The quality of reports and analyses depends considerably on the quality of the source data. LCC-ANT ensures that all asset-related data are consolidated into a central Asset Register as prescribed by the ISO 55000 guidelines.

We know from experience that the quality of asset data is in general rather poor and that often important measures are even missing. LCC-ANT provides a great deal of help in improving and enriching the quality of data. When consolidating data from very heterogeneous systems, there needs to be perfect alignment between the asset inventories recorded in technical systems and the financial accounts stored in financial systems. This labour-intensive work is made much easier with LCC-ANT.

LCC-ANT meets these requirements:

  1. ­Access to the data sources of available relevant systems.
  2. ­Selecting, filtering and customizing the data required for LCC AM/QM.
  3. ­Connection, enrichment and linking tables using choice-lists.
  4. ­Reporting data quality improvements on the basis of adjustable algorithms.
  5. ­Definition of desired criteria for condition and risk evaluation of physical assets.
  6. ­Table-driven processing or updating of the condition and risk valuation.
  7. ­Preparing maintenance scenarios and processing budget models and settings.
  8. ­Grouping and assigning assets and asset data to LCC objects, categorising field content and structuring the analysis models.

All valuation and import settings are saved for reuse so that the incremental loading of new failure, inspection and asset data will be subject to the same quality checks as the original data.