IT staff

The biggest challenge for IT departments is not to store data but to explore data.


   With a tsunami of data we have never been more data rich and information poor. Clever sifting of available data to support decision making is becoming more of an art than of a science.


Our Asset Management Analytical Solution integrates seamlessly with existing IT infrastructure.


Existing data and processes in financial and maintenance systems remain unchanged and specific data is selectively exported to an Asset Register. This is the most suitable environment for reporting and analysis in order that the operational performance of IT systems will no longer be disturbed by these activities.


The analytical nature of our Asset Management Solution is a perfect counterpart to the operation nature of any operational ERP or EAM system. Processes, data models and analytical algorithms are fundamentally different on an operational, tactical, and strategic level. We provide the perfect supplement to any operational investment your organisation has made in the past without destroying its value.

For most of our clients asset data are enriched with information from all sorts of spreadsheets and personal tables in various forms by using our integrated data consolidation solution. In this way these ’almost lost’ data are also inventoried and documented so that their origin can be traced. This fact will please auditors.


By bringing this data together into a single system it will be easier to make backups. In the event of an unexpected loss of data, critical business information can be restored easily.