Financial Departments

To guide the company over the financial ups and downs of a turbulent economic climate, wise decisions must be taken.


   The finance department has to manage an increasingly more difficult technical reality with its own culture, rules and regulations. The language and culture barrier in many other departments must be overcome to facilitate collective decision making where all aspects of sound business management are respected.


To take wise decisions in finance, the financial department needs timely, accurate and complete insight into the technical reality they are managing financially.


In many organisations, there is a discrepancy between data from financial systems and technical data in maintenance systems. This will inevitably lead to bad decisions the impact of which is in most cases not even known.

Through the integration of financial and technical data into the Asset Register and the powerful reporting and analysis tools of our Asset Management Analysis Solution, the technical reality is automatically embedded in any financial report or analysis.


The impact of technical interventions like an early replacement or shutdown of assets will be visible immediately within all financial reports and analyses. This facilitates compliance with, for example, ISO 55000, PAS 55 or IIMM standards.

Other types of users are: 

Decision makers | Finance-focused professionals | Technical-focused professionals | IT staff