LCC AM/QM is the Asset Management Analytical Solution for sustainable support of the strategic and tactical decisions within (physical) Asset Management.




LCC AM/QM aims to utilise assets optimally from an economical and technical point of view. Maintenance (Opex), investment (Capex), and total expenditures (Totex) over the whole asset life cycle are optimised.

In order to optimise maintenance activities, all inspections, maintenance and repair activities are analysed and the optimal replacement moment is calculated by LCC AM/QM. Various analytical techniques are available to achieve this. 


Based on the comprehensive technical assessment of the conditions and risks of the assets, multiple forecasts of costs and revenues are provided for the short, medium, and long term.


With LCC-AM/QM you possess extensive tools for developing aging profiles from the available data, which can be extrapolated into the future. They can also be combined with concrete condition assessments in order to design an optimal, user-customized maintenance strategy.


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