Whenever in trouble, a helping hand is only a phone call away.


We continue to support and help our customers on any major challenge they encounter on their way.


As a software provider in asset-intensive organisations, we work for many different types of organisations.

S&G Asset Management has accumulated a great deal of expertise particularly in linear assets (electricity, natural gas, water, sewage, telecommunications, railways, etc.).


The focus is on consolidating the asset, adjusting its databases and developing the required analyses as well as forecasts.


S&G Asset Management works in close cooperation with specialist partners in the various asset-intensive industries. Such partners bring highly industry-specific knowledge and experience. Combined with our Enterprise Asset Management solution we create considerable value for our clients. The first step in working with new clients is conducting a “Proof of Value” where we process the client’s data and test the financial impact of our solution based on concrete client data.

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