Corporate knowledge embedded in the Knowledge Register

In order to climb to the top, more knowledge, experience, physical and mental force is needed than a single man ever will possess.


  As an individual you will struggle hard to cross the water and climb the top on your own. Therefore asset management is a corporate set of activities to create value from assets - as ISO 55000 clearly states. To be successful knowledge and experience from a wide range of sources and people need to be combined while respecting the concrete evidences such as those stored in your operational systems. From such elementary data points information about asset behaviour, likelihood-to-fail and expected remaining life time can be derived.


This information is on its turn converted in actionable knowledge by applying the expertise and knowledge of top experts in various domains. Mountaineers need the knowledge of weather experts, geographers, and both mental and physical coaches to reach the top.


The tactical and strategic decision-making process converts data into information and information into knowledge.

Transform Data into Information

Data in operational systems is organised to support operational processes, not decision processes. Operational data from a wide variety of sources, systems and origins must be consolidated into an Asset Register according to the ISO 55000 guidelines.

It is extremely important to improve the data quality of the source data: bad data results in bad decisions. Our Asset Management Analysis Solution provides many tools needed to ensure a good quality of information which will be used for decision-making.


By consolidating data from various operational systems, our Asset Management Analysis Solution will be able to optimise the data quality by ensuring the correct links are applied between the source systems.

Transform Information into Knowledge

Our Asset Management Analytical Solution provides powerful analytical techniques to transform the information from the Asset Register into applicable Knowledge. Such analyses are developed by a few top experts in your organisation. Based on their expertise and knowledge, analyses will embed a lot of corporate knowledge. This corporate knowledge is reflected in the results of the analyses and is made available to a wider range of business users on all levels in the organisation. This facilitates a high degree of knowledge reuse in your organisation.


In this way corporate knowledge is embedded in analytical applications. As a result decision-makers will be able to rely on facts, expertise and knowledge and not juist gut feeling.

Our Asset Management Analytical Solution provides a number of analysis algorithms applied to Asset Management. Some examples:

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