Asset Management


To reach the top as an executive, one needs a strong ambition, a well thought strategy, combined experience and knowledge of a whole team so success will be invaluable. 


Integrated Asset Management consists of the following components:

Strategic Vision

Your Asset Management processes and systems should support decision-making on an operational, tactical and strategic level. Even though the stakeholders on these three levels there are different objectives, cultures, skills and languages. Hence, considerable care must be given to smooth communication and effective collaboration among the levels.


Corporate Knowledge

This knowledge is embedded in the Knowledge Register. To support tactical and strategic decision-making, extensive analytical capabilities are required to convert the data from the Asset Register into the information and knowledge required in tactical and strategic decision-making. Complex analyses are often developed by top experts in your organisation and answer pertinent management questions. The results of such complex analyses are available to a wide range of business users on all levels in the organisation. 


Data Consolidation into the Asset Register

All asset-related data such as technical specifications, financial data, GIS data (Geographical Information Systems) and Management Information will be consolidated into one central Asset Register. The Asset Register is the gateway between the data from the operational world and the information needed on a tactical and strategic level to take fact-based decisions.


Value Creation

The ultimate goal of Integrated Asset Management, as described in the ISO 55000 guidelines, is to create value from assets. Our solution is an important enabler of leadership, strategy alignment, planning, decision support, performance evaluation and continuous improvement in your organisation.

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