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The way to the top may seem long and lonely, but it is much easier when undertaken with good tools and in good company.


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If you work on asset management on your own, you may think the way forward is straight ahead

and a T-shirt and a pair of jogging shoes is all you need to proceed. With many operational problems at hand, you only think about the solution of your current problem and you only react to all kinds of unexpected problems.

It is only in stepping back and overlooking the whole journey to the top 

that you realise that you need more tools like maps, climbing shoes, robes, more experience, and more knowledge to cross unknown territory. You have to rely on other people within your company to be successful and if you look up, you see that others have reached the top because they collaborated and shared their knowledge and expertise.

Integrated Asset Management

Innovative solutions for asset-intensive organisations

Even a small improvement in the financial efficiency of asset-intensive organisation will entail significant and sustainable cost savings. The Integrated Asset Management Analytical Solution of S&G Asset Management will make it possible for you to:

Organise and optimise your
physical asset management processes and systems while respecting the organizational, financial, technical and service-related business objectives.


Find a healthy balance between cost, performance, risk, customer service, and revenue by managing your physical assets optimally.


Integrate strategic corporate KPIs with your physical asset management strategy.
Manage all physical asset-related information within one central Asset Register so all departments involved— financial as well as technical — can rely on the same and correct information regarding physical assets. This Asset Register is organised in line with the ISO 55000 guidelines.

Predict the long term impact and Asset Risks of each physical asset management decision and evaluate multiple business scenarios.


Increase the productivity of your physical asset portfolio and be able to improve availability, reduce failures and plan maintenance activities optimally during the entire life cycle of the assets.


Abide by — including in the long run — the applicable regulations and compliance imperatives and be able to provide accurate information to the regulatory bodies.


Evaluate the technical and financial efficiency of comparable physical assets.

Have a complete picture of all the technical and financial interventions on all physical assets in order to be able to present conclusive reports to your regulator or auditor at any moment. Improve both technical and financial aspects of maintenance.


Take judicious decisions regarding full or partial physical asset replacements, with consideration of both financial and technical aspects.




Note: When in this website reference is made to assets, it always means “physical assets” and not financial assets such as bonds, options, etcetera.